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Topping and Rolling

new_toy_a.jpgGrassland cultivations, such as rolling, harrowing or topping must not be carried out if ground nesting birds are present, and should only be done when the soil conditions are right.

Harrowing is carried out to pull all the dead grass, or thatch, up from the base of the healthy grass so that air, water and nutrients can more efficiently get to the soil. This should be carried out in the early spring, before strong grass growth gets underway.
Rolling repairs any damage done to the fields by hooves over the winter.

Keeping the grass height to five centimeters (2-3 inches) during the growing season, will have a huge impact on the ground conditions, especially in winter, protecting the ground from the effect of horses and ponies' feet.  For an obligation free quote on your rolling and topping please please contact us.