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Soil Testing

Soil testing focuses on optimizing soil biological activity, recycling of nutrients and grass and root mat development.  Analysis examines the overall health of the soil and it's chemical balance, providing an overview of soil trends, identifying any deficiencies before they become major problems.  It is essential for turf and grass managers if they are to best utilize their resources
soil_tester.jpgSoil testing should be carried out when the first signs of poor grass and root mat are seen.

Standard Soil Analysis provides immediate information on nutrient levels, and should be carried out in late winter.  It covers pH,P,K,Mg and soil texture, and is primarily concerned with ensuring that nutrient levels are adequate.

Comprehensive Soil Analysis can be undertaken at the beginning of the production season and determines clay fraction, organic matter, and availability levels of K, Mg, Ca, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, plus three availability levels of P.

Trace Element Analysis can also be carried out where soil has a history of trace element deficiency, or where a deficiency in livestock is suspected.  It provides a detailed analysis of specified trace elements(B, Co, Cu, and Se) and includes recommendations about the use of soil or livestock treatments where major deficiencies or imbalances exist.