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At last we are starting to see the first signs of spring.  

Soil temperature is starting to rise and the grass is starting to grow.  It is too early for fertilizer yet but in the next 6 weeks would be ideal for most fields.  We offer a wide range of conventional blends and organic fertilizers.  The use of fertilizer is paramount to the health of your grass and the animals that graze it.  All animals including horses require a certain level of trace elements for correct bone and muscle development, and a large portion of the fields that I have had tested are lower than the recommended levels.  The organic fertilizer we use is ideal in this situation.
If you require weed spraying please contact me as soon as possible as many people have booked in already.  The ideal time for both ragwort and buttercups is from mid March on to flowering.  I have had great success later than this but it is not recommended.
Ragwort will be a problem for many horse owners again this season.  After much experimental work I have come up with an off-label recipe that will sort out what I have found to be one of the hardest noxious weeds to fully eradicate.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for an obligation free quote.
Doug Harkin