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Fecal Egg Counts

400_horses-in-field.jpgGreener Pastures offers a service where we can take dung samples from your animal and send it to an independent laboratory for analysis.
You are then able to drench more efficiently at at intervals that most suit your animals.  Incorrect drench and over drenching is leading to a reduction in the efficacy of the available drenches this is called ‘drench resistance’. It may take years of continuous use of the one drench before resistance develops. Under dosing will also promote the more rapid development of resistance hence the reason for the use of the correct dose.
All the horses should be fecal egg counted ever 12 weeks to asses their worm burden.
All let out fields should be picked or harrowed at regular intervals.  We also recommend to drench all horses on an empty stomach and new horses are quarantine drenched on arrival.  This policy will help keep a relatively clean pasture that should have a lower worm egg burden.